Fidelity – Customers can rest assured that they’re in good hands from a servicing perspective!

Fidelity has been a prominent figure on the American landscape for decades since its establishment in 1930. Despite finding its feet during the Great Depression and facing the Second World War, Fidelity has been a trusted investment house throughout. Many believe, however, that the Fidelity as we know it today only found its feet in 1946. Fidelity is considered a family business and the Johnsons live and breathe investments to ensure that their asset holdings remain high and their investors remain happy.
Currently, Fidelity controls $6.7 trillion in customer assets and $2.4 trillion in global assets. They also hold a book of 30 million individual customers. The constant reinvention of their products to suit trends and keep their assets as liquid as possible is part of the success of Fidelity, along with a high level of trust it’s built with clients. Fidelity owns a number of businesses, which allows them to diversify and mitigate risk.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Signing Up With Fidelity

While Fidelity commands great respect and esteem from clients and competitors alike, the institution has its perks and detractors.

  • Fidelity is a champion of client education when it comes to investments and trading, and the education products on their site are a testament to this.
  • There are a number of times where other institutions would charge fees on certain transactions or products and Fidelity chooses not to. This translates into massive savings for the investors.
  • The fees are transparent and in many instances, fixed fees are the norm which makes it easier for investors and traders to calculate the total cost.
  • Customers can rest assured that they’re in good hands from a servicing perspective.
  • The asset holdings are significant and provide some sense of security for investors who may feel a little put off by the lack of FDIC registration.
  • A mobile app allows traders to remain abreast of their trades and investments even when on the go.
This is the Website of fidelity
This is the Website of fidelity


  • Perhaps one of the most grueling decisions an investor has to make is whether they’re happy to continue investing with a firm that’s not registered with the FDIC.
  • The trader platform comes in somewhere in the middle when it comes to watchlists, as it’s yet to reach the 100-mark.
  • Day traders seem to feel like they’re fumbling in the dark as there is no ladder trading tool.
  • Traders will need to create trading accounts with other institutions if they’d like to trade futures and forex.

Overview of Fidelity Trading Offer

First and foremost, Fidelity is an institution that prides itself on providing clear and concise advice to their clients for long-term financial planning. This includes an investment strategy and retirement planning. Fidelity also ensures that they stay on top of the technology game by providing investors with a platform that allows easy access to their portfolios. While they may not provide the full spectrum of financial products such as banking products, forex or futures, investors have access to just about everything else. This makes Fidelity a worthy contender on the wealth-building front.
One of the benefits of setting up a profile with Fidelity is that the site is easy to navigate and the account opening process is simple enough to follow. Users also have easy access to information such as the products, pricing, and regulatory information. This helps them make informed decisions when ready to invest. For investors, the trading offer is a comprehensive wealth-building tool that offers far more than the cost would suggest. The monthly fees, along with the stellar support, provide investors with the ideal mashup of product vs price. For those who prefer to invest on auto-pilot, there is the option of signing up for the robo advisor service. There is also a hybrid robo advisor for investors that need a bit of flexibility.
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Deposit Insurance, Regulation, and Security Aspects

Fidelity is listed with Finra, which allows consumers to check on their SEC status at all times. It also reveals whether there is any kind of arbitration or regulatory events taking place against the Fidelity. For consumers, this information is vital as it allows them to ensure that the firm is still in good standing and whether there is an insurmountable number of cases against them.
One of the hardest blows for investors who are keen on the investment offering by Fidelity is the fact that the group is not a registered member of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) which protects consumer investments in the event that the financial institution fails. The insurance covers investments up to $250,000 and there are restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed. For Fidelity, this hurts them reputation-wise as their toughest competitors are registered with the FDIC.
While the lack of FDIC might be of concern for investors, the superb asset backing provides some sort of security for those looking to invest. In order to meet regulatory requirements, financial institutions need to keep a certain amount of funds in reserve to ensure that investors are able to withdraw a portion of their capital. Fidelity falls within this category so for investors, this provides some form of relief.
In terms of security, Fidelity throws a lot of weight behind online protection for their clients, especially where fraud is concerned. The Fidelity Customer Protection Guarantee provides protection against unauthorized access to the account in the event that it’s not due to the negligence of the account holder. This means that clients are reimbursed when they lose funds if their account is hacked should Fidelity’s protection fail.
Other means of ensuring that customers remain safe online when using their Fidelity account include two-factor authentication, money transfer lockdown, security text alerts, and Fidelity MyVoice recognition.

Fidelity offers different ways to invest
Fidelity offers different ways to invest

Our Experience In Detail With Fidelity

From the first click, Fidelity’s site provides a seamless flow of information gathering and processing. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate and setting up an account takes place in minutes. Fidelity provides a wide array of products that will suit medium to long-term investment strategies, and while they may not provide banking products, this isn’t this biggest financial product we’re missing here.
A financial institution of this magnitude should provide forex and futures options as well, and Fidelity doesn’t. This means that investors are forced to split their portfolio with another institution. While this is good for those who believe that having all your financial products with a single institution is like having all your eggs in the same basket, it doesn’t bode well for Fidelity in terms of customer loyalty. With their impressive asset holdings, imagine what it would have been had they offered the full spectrum of investment options.
But this is about the end of our frustration with the brand, as everything else works as it should. From the account funding and withdrawals to managing costs, the process is streamlined. The support desk provides a fast and reliable service. There is also a wide array of information available on the site for those who care to learn more about the products they’re looking to invest in. Fidelity also provides access to financial advisors that guide prospective clients to the right products, according to their needs and goals. There is a sense of peace and trust that enrobes the process from start to finish.
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Fidelity Product Choices

Fidelity offers a wide spectrum of products and while they don’t offer banking, forex, or futures products, the remainder of the list is quite extensive.
Customers can look forward to trading stocks, ETFs, and options, with a complex options leg of 4. There is no options exercising on the web, however, those who have access to the mobile offering can do so via phone. The online trading takes place on the Active Trader Pro platform.
There are a number of investment options that offer means to build wealth for long-term commitments, such as retirement. Customers can look forward to bonds, mutual funds, CDs, annuities, retirement plans for individuals and businesses, and 529 plans.
Risk Cover
What sets Fidelity apart from many of its competitors, is that it branches off into other long-term options that provide risk cover, such as life insurance and long term care.
While some of these products are accessible through the online portal, there are those that require the intervention of a financial advisor in order to make the right decision. This allows for a thorough financial needs analysis in order to ensure that the customer has sufficient cover and access to a full spectrum of longer term financial products. The benefit is that even if the customer doesn’t take on the products as recommended, they are fully aware of their financial situation and what it will take to reach their financial goals, or ensure stability of life in the event something should happen to them.

Build a big ISA with fidelity
Build a big ISA with Fidelity

Cost Overview Of Fidelity

Fidelity is open with their fees, which makes it easier for customers to establish a relationship with them. Furthermore, customers don’t have to worry about opening account fees for retail brokerage accounts, and there is also no minimum requirement. Customers also have access to zero expense ratio index funds.
Stocks and Options
These are charged at $4.95 per stock or options trade, with an additional $0.65 per contract on options.
There is no charge per trade for commission-free purchases on ETFs that have been carefully selected. These are labeled as no-fee ETFs. The ETFs that do attract a charge, however, cost $4.95 per trade.
Bonds & CDs
Fidelity promises customers that they’ll save an average of $14 per bond. There is a charge of $1 per bond or CD in secondary trading. US Treasuries that are traded online are free.
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Mutual Funds
Fidelity offers some zero expense ratio index mutual funds and there is no minimums to invest in Fidelity mutual funds. Hundreds of these funds have zero fees, including transaction fees.
Planning and Advice Fees
With Fidelity Go, customers gain access to a robo advisor and pay an advisory fee of 0.35%. There are no minimums involved in opening these accounts. Customers who opt for the Fidelity Personalized Planning & Advice involves coaching and will set customers back 0.50%. There is minimum requirement of $25,000.
The Wealth Management packages offer customized wealth planning with the help of a dedicated advisor. The gross fee is 0.50% to 1.50% and requires $250,000 which is under management with Fidelity Wealth Services. The final planning category is Private Wealth Management that includes a wealth management team. The requirement is a minimum of $2 million managed by Fidelity Wealth Service, with $10 million in investable assets.
Fidelity is one of the most cost-effective financial institutions around. There are some fees that can erode a customer’s gains and Fidelity chooses to offer these services for free. These services are:

  • Account service fee
  • Proprietary retail mutual fund investment minimums
  • Mutual funds low balance fee
  • Account transfer out
  • Minimum initial investment
  • IRA closeout fee
  • Bank wire
  • Insufficient funds, and more

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Services And Extras

One of the stand-out services that Fidelity offers, is that there is an advisory and wealth-management team. For those looking to take their wealth a step further, these services are worth the marginal fees. Fidelity also provides traders with access to the Active Trader Pro platform that not only grants access to trades, but also to useful hints and tips, trader updates, and education.
Fidelity also offers a Planning & Guidance Center that allows customer to plot the course for financial targets that they may have. This includes preparing for retirement, college, or increasing wealth. It allows customers to track their progress which makes their journey seem a little more accountable.
One of the main attributes of Fidelity is the fast turnaround time in terms of service, and the number of touchpoints they have with their customers. Customers can contact via telephone, email, and the online chat service.
There are a few extra service offerings that take Fidelity to the next level, such as the investment solutions for employers. Fidelity also happens to provide a great platform for investment professionals. Fidelity also offers international trading which allows traders from 25 countries to access the platform.
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Reviews and Awards

Peer and industry reviews are often the most valuable, as it allows a financial institution to see how they stack up against their competitors. From Barrons to Bloomberg, Fidelity enjoys a number of accolades to highlight their attention to detail when it comes to service and product.
Barron’s – Best Online Broker 2016, 2017 – Best Online Broker 2018
Nerdwallet – Best Online Broker for Research 2017
Lipper Fund Awards From Refinitiv – 21 U.S. Lipper Fund Awards, 16 Fidelity Mutual Funds; 2019 – Best Overall Online Stock Trading Site for Beginners Who Want To Learn And Grow 2016
Kiplinger’s – Best Online Broker 2016, 2017
Bloomberg – Eddie Yoon, Fidelity Select Medical Technology and Devices Portfolio Bloomberg 2018 Stock Picker of the Year
Investor’s Business Daily – Named for Investment Options, Investment Quality, Low Fees, Interest Rates, and Easy Access 2019 Review
Of 16 financial institutions, Fidelity came in 2nd with 4 ½ stars out of 5 which is a stellar performance from a financial institution. Some of the reasons why Fidelity didn’t walk away with a solid 5 out of 5, was due to the design of the mobile app, that they weren’t registered with the FDIC, and that the trading offers didn’t include forex and futures, among others.

Fidelity is trusted by millions
Fidelity is trusted by millions

Frequently Asked Questions

For Fidelity, the site is designed in such a way that access to information is straightforward with very little scratching about the site looking for answers. A lot of thought has gone into the FAQ section, and it’s designed with the customer in mind to allow the fastest route to their provide a solution for their particular question.
While this might all be handy, it answers very specific questions that are directly related to certain products and the section would have been better off being named “definitions and terminology”. True FAQs will cover questions that investors want to know, such as minimum account balances, how their accounts are funded, how long it takes for withdrawals, and more. We’ve had to make up our own list of FAQs to cover some of the basics.
Q: Does Fidelity Give Advice On Investments?
A: Yes, the institution provides customers with access to financial advisors and even fund managers in the event that they reach a service level that requires this
Q: Does Fidelity Offer Robo Advisor?
A: Yes, robo advisors are available as well as hybrid advisors
Q: Do Accounts Require A Minimum Deposit?
A: The majority of the financial products don’t require a minimum balance.
Q: Is There A No-Funded-Account Penalty?
A: No, and there are also a number of other fees that Fidelity doesn’t charge such as account ATM fee, bill payment, stop payment, insufficient funds, bank wire, and more.
Q: Does Fidelity Have Free Funds?
A: Yes, there are the zero expense ratio index mutual funds and commission-free ETFs.
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Traders and investors who want a stable platform to make their traders and invest their capital, will find Fidelity a worthy contender. The platform is simple and straightforward, the fees are reasonable, and the support is far greater than the fee warrants. For us, these are the makings of a good investment broker. For investors, they would need to consider whether splitting their portfolio due to the lack of forex and future is worth it, or if they’re happy with the fact that the FDIC doesn’t come into play here.

Fragen & Antworten zu Fidelity

Fidelity hat seinen Hauptsitz in Boston, USA.

Fidelity wird unter anderem von der FCA reguliert.

Nein, Fidelity stellt kein kostenloses Demokonto zur Verfügung.

Bei Fidelity können Sie in Fonds investieren.

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